Away Goalie Hurt In Boreham Wood FC Celebrations

27 May 2015, 06:17 | Updated: 27 May 2015, 06:19

An away team's goal keeper has been attacked when Boreham Wood FC's fans invaded the pitch, to celebrate their promotion.

The attack happened in the Conference South playoff final between Boreham Wood FC and Whitehawk FC at Meadow Park in Borehamwood on Saturday, May 9 at 5.30pm.

The Whitehawk goal keeper, who is in his 20s, sustained a lower back injury.

Assistant Investigator Sally Johnson from the Borehamwood Local Crime Unit is investigating and said: "There were a large number of people around at the time of this incident who potentially witnessed what happened.

"It's believed some of these people have footage of the incident, having filmed it on their mobile phones. If this was you, please contact me as the video may prove useful to my investigation."