Communities Clean For The Queen

5 March 2016, 05:00

Communties across Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants are getting down and dirty this weekend - to clean-up local roads, parks and rivers - ahead of the Queen's 90th birthday this April.

Thousands of volunteers are taking part in the "Clean for the Queen" campaign picking up litter over the next few days.

A number of organisations and anti-monarchy groups though aren't impressed saying the public shouldn't have to litter-pick and clean-up for the Queen.

However many people getting involved say they're doing it for their own communities so help clean-up their own towns and villages for their own benefit and they're using the opportunity to bring people together to help do that.

Here's a selection of the events taking place and a full list can be found for Saturday and Sunday here:

In Watford, the Watford Fields Spring Clean starts at 10am on Saturday with all volunteers welcome.

Also in Watford, it's the River Colne and Riparian Clean Up from 11 til 1.30 on Saturday.

At Bricket Wood on Saturday, there's a village clean-up from 9.30-12 noon, meeting at the village sign by the Oakwood Road shops.