Cold weather puts people off YMCA event

6 January 2011, 06:00

The YMCA in Central Hertfordshire says the recent cold weather has put people off signing up for its Sleep Easy event.

The challenge - which takes place on the 29th January - asks people to spend the night sleeping rough to raise money for the charity.

But since the cold weather set in, fewer people than expected have come forward to say they'd like to get involved.

The YMCA is hoping to eventually have 200 participants sleeping out, helping to raise around £30,000. So far only around 30 people have said they'll do it.

This will be the second Sleep Easy event the charity's held. Last year 75 fundraisers brought in around £15,000, which went towards providing accommodation for 123 residents in Welwyn Hatfield Borough.

This year there are three events taking place - at the Westgate multi-storey car park in Stevenage, The Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden City and The Galleria in Hatfield.

Michelle Grey, the Head of Fundraising for the charity, told Heart:

"People can choose to take part or they can't, it's as simple as that. Homeless people haven't got that choice. They have to sleep rough in whatever they weather. So for people to actually take this personal challenge up and put themselves through it for one night only, shouldn't be much of a hardship really."

"We are desperately asking groups of friends, societies or work colleagues to join in and help us reach our target of 200 participants. Our fundraising target is £30,000 and we are calling on people from across the community to help us achieve this."

If you're interested in getting involved in the event you can contact the Fundraising Team on 01707 290 717, e mail or register online at