Counting up the counting jobs

9 October 2010, 07:00

Around 50 full and part-time jobs are being created in the region - to collect data for the 2011 National Census.


It's likely to be the last census - after the Coalition Government said the millions it costs to run and then collate was too much, so the March 2011 National Census could well be the final one.

Before then, 35,000 people (census field staff and managers) will be recruited across England and Wales - around 4-5000 in the SouthEast alone.

Hundreds of people will be needed across Hertfordshire to be address checkers, address checker co-ordinators, area managers and community advisors - around 50 people will be needed in Watford alone.

There'll also be census questionnaire collectors, census compliance staff and census coverage survey teams.

2011 Census staff will be employed directly by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), with ONS contractor, Capita, running recruitment, training and payroll services.

The job's being seen as ideal for part-time working parents, those studying, other part-time or non-employed people or the retired across the Home Counties.

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