Crime Drops In South Oxhey Over Summer

27 September 2012, 16:00

Anti social behaviour in South Oxhey dropped by 26.9% over the summer holidays.

Police believe it could be down to Operation Contend that ran throughout July and August.

The operation included activity like an increase in police patrols and officers stopping to speak to children about their behaviour.

At this time of year officers usually see levels of anti social behaviour increase but this year they received 90 fewer phone calls

Heart spoke to Neighbourhood Sergeant for South Oxhey, Luke Mitchell to find out if these results were down to the area having a higher number of offenders in the first place:

"In South Oxhey i think the figures are on parallel to places like Watford and other locations it is an extremely safe area, it does have its problems but no more than anywhere else"

Mr Mitchell says the extra efforts to cut back on anti-social behaviour will continue but they hope they will soon be able to reduce efforts as the message sinks in.