A Day In The Life Of An MP

4 July 2012, 12:33 | Updated: 4 July 2012, 16:14

Have you ever thought about what your local MP gets up to? Well Heart Reporter Amy Woodfield spent a day with Hemel Hempstead MP and Roads Minster, Mike Penning.

Amy Woodfield:

it's Friday the 15th June and on a Friday Mike is in Hemel Hempstead carrying out his local duties. 

09:00am- Mike has a private meeting which I'm not allowed to attend or report from.

10:00am- I arrived at Mikes office for a quick briefing on the days visits. His wife Angela organises his diary. I have a quick cup of tea with them both then its off to work.

10:30am- Day With Mike PenningMike and I jump in his car and head over to RES (Renewable Energy Sources). The company have been working with local school children to get them interested in renewable energy engineering. Mike was there to congratulate the 16 year olds on their work and present them with an award. While Mike's there he meets a class of primary school children who are spending the morning at RES finding out about wind energy for Global Wind Day.

Mike Penning On His Visit To RES:

12:00pm- Day With Mike PenningJubilee Party! Mike and i go to a party at Little Hay Golf Club. Its organised by Age UK and is attended by around 40 elderly people. Everyone's very happy to see Mike, he has lots of photos taken and then its time for dinner. Dinner is a Carvery, Mike practices his waiter skills by getting meals for those less able to get it for themselves. He then spends some time talking to organiser Mel about the problems they are having with the increasing number of debenture sufferers needing their help. 

Mike Penning On The Age UK Jubilee Party:

1:30pm- We then head back to the office so Mike can sign off some more paperwork. He told me, unlike some MP's he likes to sign all of his paperwork personally.

Day With Mike Penning2:00pm- Mike and I go to Queensway House for the opening of their new wing. Queensway House is a care home for people with dementia. Mike meets the owner and has a tour of the new rooms. Mike's very impressed with the size of the rooms and the facilities.

Mike Penning On Queensway House Visit:

3:00pm- Back to the office to sign some more paperwork- I spot a picture Mike has in his office of the Buncefield Fire in 2005.

4:00pm- Day With Mike PenningWe head off to Wheelers Lane to meet some people who have been having serious problems with parking. When we arrive we meet two men from the council who seem to have upset local residents over this issue. Mike mediates between the two explaining to the people living on the road that there is no council money left to improve their parking problems this year. He then talks to the councillors and asks them to consider this problem when next years money is allocated to them. Its not a brilliant outcome for the people of Wheelers Lane but they seemed happy that Mike went to see them. 

Mike Penning On Wheelers Lane:

5:00pm- Day With Mike PenningMikes last meeting of the day is a visit to Mr Bulpit. Mike has spent a long time getting the elderly man his army medals from the Second World War, today he was there to give him two military badges he had also earn but never received. He was very Happy to receive them. Mr Bulpit them showed Mike and I his family collection of wartime medals. Mike then offered to takehis medals away with him to get them mounted.

Mike Penning On His Visit To Mr Bulpit:

6:00pm- Back to the office one final time. Mike's going to sign some more paperwork and I'm off home for the day!

Mike Penning With A Summary Of The Day: