Digital Switchover Roadshow

29 January 2012, 06:00

A roadshow, showing people how to prepare for the TV digital switchover in April has visited Watford and Bushey.

If you missed it don't worry - here's some advice....

This April, analogue television broadcasts will be switched off in the London TV region and replaced with stronger, digital signals. Virtually every household will then be able to receive Freeview TV channels, digital radio and interactive services free through an aerial.

If you currently receive just the five standard TV channels – or only some of them – on any of your sets, you’ll need to think about converting these to digital or you could be facing a blank screen. 

Switchover will happen in two stages on 4 and 18 April. Viewers already watching Freeview will need to retune their equipment at each stage.

Satellite and digital cable services are not affected by switchover.

To help you prepare for switchover, here are three top tips:

  1. Check your options for going digital. There are a number of ways to get digital television (such as via an aerial, satellite or cable) and both subscription and non-subscription services are available. The postcode checker on the Digital UK website at can tell when you switch and the services available where you live. Alternatively, call the Digital UK advice line on 08456 50 50 50. Every household will also be sent detailed information about switchover in the run up to April.
  1. 2.     Look for the ‘digital tick’. This is the special logo that identifies television products and services designed to work through switchover. Remember, you don’t need to buy a new television for switchover as almost any set can be converted using a digital box, available from around £25. 
  1. 3.     The Switchover Help Scheme

There’s extra help for older and disabled viewers from the Switchover Help Scheme. People aged 75 or over, living in a care home for six months or more, registered blind or partially sighted, or on certain disability benefits will receive an offer of equipment to convert one TV set to digital, help with its installation and follow-up support. There is a one-off fee of £40 but the service is free for the poorest eligible households. For more on this call free on 0800 408 7654 or visit

How to retune a Freeview TV or box

1)      Make sure your Freeview TV or box is on. If you have a Freeview TV, ensure it is in digital mode by pressing the DTV or digital button on your remote. Then press ‘menu’.

2)      Select the ‘set up’ or ‘installation’ option. If you see picture icons, select the tool box, satellite dish or spanner.

3)      If you are prompted for a code, try 0000 or 1234.

4)      Select the full retune option. This is sometimes called ‘first time installation’, ‘factory reset’, ‘default settings’ or ‘shipping conditions’. Do not select ‘channel update’ or ‘add channels’ as this will not fully clear old channels and enable new ones to be found.

5)      Press ‘OK’ if you are prompted to delete all your channels; don’t worry, this is normal.

6)      Channels will automatically be installed. This may take a few minutes and your equipment may shut down and restart.

 These instructions are a guide only. For detailed retuning instructions of popular makes and models visit or call 08456 50 50 50.

Switchover Roadshows

Roadshows offering face-to-face advice will be running across the region in the run-up to switchover.  A full list of roadshows is available at:

Roadshows in Hertfordshire




Venue address / description




Outside Burger King, 57 High Street

WD17 2DJ



Ware Market, High Street

SG12 9AD



Outside The White Swan, High Street

EN11 8TN



Hertford Market, Market Street

SG14 1BD



Shire Lane Car Park,  Main Parade




Borehamwood Shopping Park, Theobald Street




Outside Burger King, 57 High Street

WD17 2DJ



Outside Burger King, 57 High Street

WD17 2DJ



Outside Burger King, 57 High Street

WD17 2DJ



Outside Burger King, 57 High Street

WD17 2DJ






Roadshows are 9am-5pm