E-petition Gains Traction Over New Station Names

23 July 2013, 15:28 | Updated: 23 July 2013, 16:37

An e-petition has started gaining traction to get support from people in Watford to back "Cassiobridge" and "Vicarage Road" as the names for the two new tube stations.

Construction begins in 2014 for the stations as part of the Croxley Rail Link - taking the Met Line away from the old Watford Metropolitan Line station - and route it south of town instead to Ascot Road, south of the Hospital and rejoining the line at Watford Junction.

For the station south of the hospital, Vicarage Road has been suggested as the ideal name, but it's understood, London Underground favours the name "West Watford".

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill told Heart: "Locals regard ‘West Watford’ to be an area that spans far wider than the Vicarage Road area it stretches from the town centre to the boundary of the borough and also includes the Ascot Road station within it.

The station will actually be in an area of Watford called Vicarage, with ‘Vicarage Road’ itself being a well established topographical location, rather than just a road.

It is most well-known locally, regionally and nationally as the home of Watford Football club, as it is also the name of the stadium.

It will be a station that is very well used – especially by football fans.

By calling it Vicarage Road, users will be able to immediately identify it as the station they need to access that part of town.

The name ‘West Watford’ may lead to confusion, with users needing to seek further clarification as to whether they do indeed need this station, or whether it is the one that is proposed in the other part of West Watford at Ascot Road."

Richard Harrington, MP for Watford is strongly backing the campaign and has written to London Underground ahead of their meeting on the 31st of July when it's thought the names of the stations will be discussed.

Mr Harrington told Heart: "I've signed the e-petition and am supporting the campaign as it seems are most people in Watford. It seems to me quite logical if you call it where it is, everybody will know where they are."

A TfL spokesperson said: "We are still in discussions with Hertfordshire County Council, Watford Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council about possible names for the two new stations. No decision has been made yet."

The e-petition can be found at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/vicarageroadstation/