Expert Responds To Ecstasy Deaths

20 December 2012, 06:00

An expert from the Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Service in Hertfordshire has spoken to Heart following the death of two men.

Wills Leighton, 21, from Edward Amey Close in Watford died on the 29th November

Another 21 year old man from Aylesbury passed away on the 12th December

It is believed that both took the drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy while in Hertfordshire.

Dave Price in a specialist at the Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Service in Hertfordshire (A-DASH) he told Heart he was saddened to hear about the deaths but says all drugs have the potential to kill and some people are not aware of these risks.

Despite what has happened he says the use of ecstasy is not a problem in Hertfordshire:

"I would say Hertfordshire is no different to the rest of the country but its a drug that is around and available and people do use it"

He says around 60 people a year die from taking ecstasy.

At the moment Dave is preparing for a busy period, he finds a lot of young people in Hertfordshire need his help after Christmas and New Year

He thinks this is linked to people having more free time because he also notices a spike in the summer around the holiday time.

He does however hope lessons can be learnt from the two recent deaths in the county.

Hertfordshire Police are also issuing a warning about the use of illegal drugs over the Christmas Period.

A-DASH can be contacted by calling: 01923 427288 or texting: 07770537227. You can also view their website by clicking here