Fined Drivers May Get Cash Back

3 April 2012, 11:55 | Updated: 3 April 2012, 12:02

Thousands of drivers fined £60 for driving in a bus lane in Hemel Hempstead may get their money back.

The Traffic Penalties Tribunal has found in favour of two drivers who complained that the signs at the Moor End Road bus lane were not clear.

The bus lane came into operation in August 2011.

Nick Hollinghurst, Lib Dem County Councillor, said Herts County Council should return the fines. He said: "Hertfordshire County Council should repay all of the penalties paid in relation to this sorry scheme.

"The Council should immediately cease issuing any further penalty notices and suspend the scheme until they have amended their defective Traffic Regulation Order and put up approved traffic signs in places where they can easily be seen by motorists.

"I first raised problems with the Moor End Road Bus Lane in the third week of August 2011.

"The County Council's attitude was to meet all comment, evidence and constructive criticism with a flat rejection and an arrogant insistence that the County Council was right and that everyone else was wrong.

"The council has a moral duty, quite apart from any legal obligation, to repay the penalties unlawfully issued, to apologise to those who were trying to prevent this shambles and to the council tax payers for what is potentially a million pound loss."

Hertfordshire County Council have told Heart they're considering the adjudicator's verdict and in the meantime they won't be issuing any more fines.