Police back in area where girl assaulted

5 January 2011, 06:00

Police have been carrying out checks in South Oxhey last night, more than two weeks after a 12 year old girl was grabbed and assaulted.

Pedestrians and motorists were stopped and questioned as officers continue their search for the offender.

At around 8.45pm on December 20th a 12year old girl had been walking along Oxhey Drive when she was approached by a man who grabbed her and inappropriately touched her. The offender ran off after being disturbed.

Detective Inspector Paul Watts is investigating and said: “Thankfully the girl was not injured but understandably she was extremely shaken by what happened and it is important we identify the offender as soon as possible. Officers are making a number of enquiries but I would like to ask for help from members of the public. If you have any information about what happened or have any knowledge about who may be responsible please contact police.

“Although not a common occurrence, understandably these types of incidents are of concern to residents. I would like to reassure the community we are taking this extremely seriously. Extra high visibility patrols are taking place but we would also like to remind children and their parents to consider some safety advice, particularly during the hours of darkness.”

Now they want to talk to a man who may have information about the incident.

He has been described as of skinny build, wearing dark clothes and was seen walking in Sandy Lane towards Northwood around the time of incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Local Crime Unit on 01923 472127.

Advice to children about personal safety:

  • Stay alert
  • Ensure you are with someone rather than walk alone
  • Stick to busy and well-lit areas
  • Don’t speak to strangers
  • Avoid short cuts through quiet, unlit, secluded or wooded areas and alleyways
  • Make sure someone knows where you are going and tell them when you’ve arrived
  • If you believe someone is following you, go to the nearest busy place, such as a petrol station
  • Take a mobile phone with you if you have one