Girl Still Ill After Snake Bite

4 May 2011, 06:00

Heart’s been told that a 9 year old girl is still in a lot of pain after she was bitten by an adder more than a week ago.

Tyler Butcher, who lives in Tring in Hertfordshire, was walking with her family in the New Forest in Hampshire on Good Friday when she let out a yelp and then saw the snake moving quickly away.

Tyler was admitted to Southampton General hospital and spent days in intensive care there after an allergic reaction to the venom caused her leg to swell and turn black.

She’s now recovering at home but dad, Kenny Butcher, says she is still feeling very unwell and is unable to go back to school:

“She can’t put her foot down, she cannot straighten her leg and she cannot bend her ankle all the way back so we believe there is going to have to be physiotherapy involved once the swelling has gone down because it’s really effecting her whole leg.

“If anything touches her leg it’s that tender. You can tell by her reaction to it, and the way she cries because it hurts so much, that she’s upbeat but she is still in a lot of pain.”