Help for Hertfordshire Mums Getting Back To Work

1 August 2012, 06:00

Women who want to return to the workplace after giving birth are being offered a new free service from a group of women in Watford.

Based on the Langley Road in Watford, Mojo Mums, was set up to help women across Hertfordshire go back to an existing job, look for new part-time work or think of going it alone - and support them every step of the way. 

The service gives free legal advice, help on childcare, CV writing skills, interview techniques and tips on how to set up your own business: after having children. 

The Work Placement Scheme also helps women refresh their existing skills, learn new ones and gives the confidence for women to find a job or start a new career. 

Emma Mjekiqi from Mojo Mums say they also help return-to-work mums with social networking for business use: "Facebook and Twitter have all evolved, and yes you can access them all from home - but the way companies, especially in marketing have started to use social networks has developed rapidly and so we're able to help return-to-work mums understand the latest uses for social media in the workplace.

Emma added that many mums have told them they're nervous about returning to work after having a baby - as they feel their workplace skills may have lapsed since giving birth: "They told us that after after having their children there wasn't any jobs really available - and a lot of mums had lost their confidence in - not only the workplace - but re-applying for jobs - or even just going back into their old workplace - simple things like using the office technology.

So we got together a community of like minded mums to help them  get their mojo back - whatever that might be - the main part of that is finding work to suit their family life."

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