Herts Boat Rescue Given Nearly £65,000

12 April 2011, 14:34 | Updated: 12 April 2011, 14:44

Hertfordshire Boat Rescue has been given nearly £65,000 to spend on equipment to use during floods.

The money's come from Defra and will be used to buy boats, vehicles and support equipment for the group's volunteers.

Environment Minister Richard Benyon said:

"In the event of a large-scale flood, it is important that we can call upon manpower and equipment from a wide range of emergency services and voluntary groups."

Stuart Foreman, Chair of Hertfordshire Boat Rescue, told Heart:

"We've struggled for 14 years to keep running - buying bits of equipment here and there from local grants. But nothing this big. This is the first thing we've ever got and this will certainly help us in to the future."

Mr Foreman told Heart how the boat will be used during emergencies:

"Obviously first will be to rescue people, but then after that it'll be for rescuing equipment or animals. Anything that would need to be moved in the event of a flood."

In total 16 local organisations involved in flood rescue activities will receive grants with a total value of £823,720.