Herts Prepare for 2010 Olympics

26 July 2010, 05:49 | Updated: 26 July 2010, 05:56

This week in two years time - will be the opening of the 2012 games - and Hertfordshire wants to do it's bit to impress visitors.

Planning is now underway for a "Cultural Olympiad" in Dacorum - using sport as the basis for 18 months of arts, leisure and sport events.

Organiser Brian Doran has been speaking to heart on the start of the preparations - and says they hope it will attract overseas visitors who want to experience life outside London - and benefit local people at the same time "it's more than about passive engagement, its about providing a platform of all ages and all abilities to discover - or rediscover their creative potential".

Mr Doran added "given that we will have people from 200 countries descend upon London in 2012, that's a lot of cultural opportunity.

It opens up a lot of possibility for business for cultural and leisure pursuits.".

The project is an ambitious programme which will include junior mini sports tournaments building up to a festival weekend.

Adults will also have the opportunity to "Get back into the sports" they enjoyed in their youth.

Community heritage events will be staged at places of interest across Dacorum and for the more musically inclined there will be singing master classes and choir's competions.

Mr Doran said he'd love to hear from any individuals or groups/organisations interested in taking part to contact info@culturalolympiad@gmail.com