Herts Students Buck Uni Application Trend

30 January 2012, 15:00

Fewer students are applying to go to uni this Autumn in England and Wales - according to the latest numbers out today - showing applications are down almost nine percent.

Last year, the University of Hertfordshire recorded 27,138 applications - this year has seen only a very small drop of 157 fewer applications (26,981), as at 15th January 2012.

Ross Renton Dean of Students at the University of Hertfordshire told Heart "the number of applications remains strong, with the 2011 figures already up 5% from 2010. After the govt brought in the variable system of fees the University of Hertfordshire produced three different bands of fees, depending on course."

The average course fee now ranges from between £7,500 to 8,500, with the foundation degree courses at around £5,800.

So what do universities have to offer if they're to emmulate the Hertfordshire facility?

Mr Renton told Heart they "have just opened a brand-new law court building in the past year, and we're investing over the next few years on a large campus development on the College Lane site.  Universities HAVE to continue to invest in infrastructure and be ambitious for its' students."