Watford: High Court Win For Oxygen Starved Girl

8 December 2013, 06:00

The High Court has approved a seven figure care and rehabilitation package for a 10 year-old girl who was injured at birth.

Lhana Bedoya - who is now 10 - suffered brain damage as a result of a series of mistakes made by medical staff at Watford Hospital in 2003.

Staff should have been monitoring Lhana's heart in the lead up to her birth - but instead was monitoring her mother's heartbeat - leading to Lhana's brain being starved of oxygen when she was born.

Lhana's severe brain damage and cerebral palsy has lead to a life of needing to be fed by a tube and impaired hearing and intelligence.

Her parents Fabian and Ursula have to share out 24 hour care, 7 days a week.

But last year, the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust finally admitted responsibility and the High Court ruled a settlement which allows her mum and dad to afford care, specialist equipment and rehabilitation and accommodation she'll require throughout her life, including after her parents have gone.

Speaking to Heart after the settlement, Jane Weakley, Associate Solictor at Irwin Mitchells, a medical law expert who represented the family said: "It is a huge relief for Lhana and her parents the Trust has agreed an adequate and fair settlement to cover all of her complex care needs.

Lhana need support around the clock. She has the loving support of her parents and siblings, but still requires specialist rehabilitation services now and into her future."

Family: Can Now Focus On Being Parents Not Just Nurses

In a statement, Dad Fabian said: "Lhana makes us happy and loves being around her brother and half sister.

It is a huge relief to have the legal battle over and we can concentrate on the best possible services and support for Lhana."

Jackie Ardley, Chief Nurse at the West Hospitals NHS Trust said: "There were clearly shortcomings in the care we provided to Lhana Bedoya in 2003 and I would like to express my sincere apologies to Lhana and her family on behalf of the Trust.

I am pleased that this claim has been settled and hope that it will ensure that Lhana has the best possible quality of life in the future."