Hosepipe Ban To Be Lifted

13 June 2012, 12:08 | Updated: 13 June 2012, 12:13

The hosepipe ban's going to stay in place in Hertfordshire, even though water companies nearby are easing their restrictions.

Three water companies - Anglian Water, Thames Water and Southern Water - are lifting their hosepipe bans from Thursday 14 June 2012 following the heavy rain we've had.

Other water companies though - including Veolia Water Central, who supply water to parts of Hertfordshire - say they are going to keep their restrictions.

Veolia say they need to conserve supplies in case we suffer a third dry winter later this year.

Mike Pocock, Water Resources Manager at Veolia Water Central, said: "The significant rainfall in April and early May and the reduced demand for water due to the hosepipe ban, has resulted in the first positive recharge of groundwater for over a year in the underground aquifers, from which Veolia Water takes most of its water.

"The level of recharge achieved so far has been small, compared to what will be needed to restore groundwater resources to normal levels, but it has been sufficient to allow for a limited review of the exceptions given to assist businesses affected by the drought.

"Following the unusually dry weather we have experienced over the 24-month period prior to April this year, we will need prolonged and substantial rainfall over a longer period to recharge our aquifers and to move us out of a drought situation.

"Months of wet weather, particularly during the next autumn and winter period, will be needed to restore groundwater to normal levels.

"The current temporary use ban, which includes hosepipe usage, has been assisting to reduce demand and conserve our water resources and we would like to thank our customers for their incredible support.

"Unfortunately at present, we will not be relaxing the temporary use ban further, as we need to conserve our supply of water to prepare for the possibility of a third dry autumn and winter."