How Tall Should Watford Go?

1 February 2016, 06:00

It's the last few days for people in Watford to have a say on the future of the town's skyline

The consultation, which has been run by Watford borough council for the past 7 weeks is open until Thursday (4th Feb) and can be viewed online at 

Interested residents will also be able to look at the feedback already received, and see what action the council is taking as a result.

The council is asking for views on the new and amended policies for Local Plan Part 2, and the new tall buildings guidance.

The continued economic success of the town has led to an increased number of planning applications for taller buildings, usually between 7 and 10 storeys high.

The principles and advice set out in the policy will ensure that any proposed taller buildings are architecturally exciting structures that protect important local views and create an iconic skyline for the town.

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