Investigation After Bus Crashes Into Bridge

21 October 2013, 12:17 | Updated: 21 October 2013, 12:28

An investigation is underway after an UNO double-decker bus tried to drive under the Station Road railway bridge in Harpenden.

The bridge, which is on bus routes, but only for single deckers is too low for double-deckers.

Hertfordshire Police have told Heart at about 830 this morning the bus, which was empty of passengers drove straight under the bridge, tearing off it's roof and badly damaging the top deck.

A spokesman for Uno has told Heart the driver wasn't hurt, but he was badly shaken.

The East of England Ambulance service attended the scene but said there were no casualties.

Recovery of the bus was underway by 9.45am and the road was open again by 11am.

An investigation's now underway by Hertfordshire Police and the Uno bus company as to why the driver attempted to drive the vehicle under the bridge. 

Picture courtesy of @w1ndrush