Lorry Driver Hijacked

11 July 2012, 17:27 | Updated: 11 July 2012, 17:48

A lorry driver from Hertfordshire was threatened with a knife and hijacked after stopping to help a woman he thought was in distress.

On Monday night a woman driver flashed her headlights at the unmarked articulated lorry driving along the M27 in Hampshire. 

When the 36-year-old lorry driver pulled over she began accusing him of damaging her car.

There was a verbal dispute.

Then a white vehicle pulled up behind the lorry, and several men got out.

One man threatened the lorry driver with a knife and forced him to drive his own lorry towards Oxfordshire. 

The lorry was later recovered in Northamptonshire, near junction 18 of the M1. 

Its cargo was missing but the driver was not injured.

Police are now looking for those responsible.