Man Jailed For Glass Attack On Friend

11 June 2011, 06:00

A man who glassed a friend in a Watford pub was jailed for two and a half years yesterday (Friday June 10th).

Adrian Fuselli, 40, smashed his glass into Jason Balsamo's face after a night out drinking in Hemel Hempstead and Watford.

Blood poured down Mr Balsamo's face and he needed 13 stitches near his left eye, St Albans crown court heard.

Mr Balsamo told the jury of 7 men and 5 women: "It landed on the left side of my face. The glass exploded. It was a shock. I couldn't believe what he had done.

"I put my hand up to my face. It was covered in blood. I said: 'That's nice Adrian... nice.'

"He just looked at me. You couldn't see my T shirt it was covered in blood. A couple of girls were screaming."

Prosecutor George Heimler said Mr Balsamo was attacked by his friend in O'Neill's in Watford High Street on 16 October last year. He said: "It was a deliberately inflicted wound with a glass that smashed."

Fuselli of Stephenson Wharf, Hemel Hempstead denied wounding Mr Balsamo, but was convicted by the jury. He had previous convictions for assault and common assault in 2000 and 2005.

In the witness box Mr Balsamo said he and Adrian Fuselli had known each other for 9 years and got on well. They had been out together before and earlier that week had agreed to go out.

He said his wife dropped them off in Hemel Hempstead town centre and they went to the Full House pub where he drank four or five WKDs and Mr Fuselli had three double Jack Daniels and coke.

They left the Full House at 10pm and took a taxi to O'Neills in Watford where a live band was playing.

Mr Balsamo said there had been no problems between them whatsoever. He said: "He was a bit upset because I wasn't getting up and chatting up the girls. I was watching the band, but it didn't cause an argument. We were having a laugh generally."

During their time at O'Neills he said Mr Fuselli would got outside for a cigarette and he would join him. On one occasion he said Mr Fuselli asked him to go outside with him. "I went outside and he did not come out. I was waiting outside for about ten minutes but he didn't come out.

"I went back in and he was talking to gentleman and a lady. I said: 'What are you doing?' and he grinned.  I said: 'Don't take the p... out of me.'

"It was cold at that time of night. I hadn't got a jacket on.

"He smiled and said: 'It is your round next.' "

Mr Balsamo said: "He went to the bar. We were both smiling there was no argument. I ordered two WKDs for myself and a Jack Daniels for Adrian. He still had his glass in his hand."

He said Mr Fuselli asked him for a quiet word and he left the bar following him to a corridor.

"He was in front of me. I was following him. There was a step. He swung round with the glass in his hand and hit me in the face with it.

"He kept saying 'I am going to finish this outside. ' I went out of the front door and saw six or seven police officers and went straight to them. The police couldn't stop the bleeding and called an ambulance.

"I had my phone with me. I looked on Facebook and saw that he had deleted me of his Facebook within 10 minutes."

Mr Balsamo was taken taken to Watford General Hospital and then transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Asked why he had not reported the attack until the following Monday he said: "I was brought up not to tell. But when I was in the Royal Free Hospital and saw how close it had been to my eye it made me think he should not get away with it."

Giving evidence Fuselli, a lorry driver and mechanic, said the injury was caused by accident when he was pushed by Mr Balsamo.

Jailing him Judge Stephen Gullick said: "A weapon was used which caused a nasty injury which your ex friend will carry for the rest of his life. It was a serious offence in a pub. You had consumed a lot of drink - that is no excuse. You have not pleaded guilty and have not shown remorse."