New CCTV On Holywell Estate

18 April 2011, 14:55 | Updated: 18 April 2011, 15:13

The Watford Community Safety Partnership has spent £6,000 on six CCTV cameras for the town's Holywell Estate.

The cameras have been put up after residents were asked how the quality of life for people in the area could be improved. It's hoped the new security measures will help tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour on the estate.

The cameras have been put up in front of the shops and Post Office and to the rear of the shops behind the doctor's surgery.

Liam Fitzgerald, the Anti-Social Behaviour Co-Ordinator in Watford, told Heart:

"It just provides protection for shop keepers, for the public, for shoppers and of course for the kids [who spend time in the area] themselves. The reason we were so keen to put this in, is because we've had a 15 percent reduction in anti-social behaviour in the last year in Holywell, which is something we really wanted to sustain because it's been such a marvellous improvement."

And Mr Fitzgerald says young people shouldn't now feel like they're being watched:

"It's not a covert camera system. Everyone's very aware that the system is in place. And also because we have banking facilities just on the corner of the shops there, again it's just about public protection. Of course the obvious thing is, if you don't want to be under a camera then you can just walk away."

PC Kev Ball, Neighbourhood officer for Holywell, said:

"We are delighted that this CCTV has now been installed. We are already noticing the significant impact it is having on reducing Anti-Social Behaviour and the positive feedback we have received from the community."

Akil Murtaza Bandali, the Postmaster at Holywell Post Office, said:

"All of the traders on this stretch welcome the arrival of this CCTV system which has been the result of an excellent working partnership between ourselves and the police, council and other partners agencies."