New Herts Victim Support Centre Launches

27 March 2015, 07:52

A new victim care support centre is being launched in Hertfordshire today that is set to massively change the way victims of crime are dealt with.

The Victim Care Centre called Beacon will be able to provide one to one support.

It could also include children and young person's case workers, and have direct access to mental, health and social services care.

Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre officially starts on April 1st.

The new service, which has been commissioned by David Lloyd, is entirely victim-focussed and will provide bespoke services for victims in Hertfordshire.

It sees Hertfordshire Constabulary and Victim Support working collaboratively in our new premises the ‘Victim Care Centre’ which has been specifically designed for the service, allowing Victim Support colleagues to work directly alongside police staff and officers.

As part of the service, a Children and Young Persons Case worker will be available to provide confidential help and support whilst staff will also have direct access to mental health and social care services provided by our partners at Hertfordshire County Council.