Officers From Hertfordshire Guard Torch

18 May 2012, 16:00 | Updated: 18 May 2012, 16:08

Two Metropolitan police officers from Hertfordshire are amongst those helping to guard the Olympic Torch.

It's being brought into the country tonight and a specialist team are going to be guarding it from the moment it leaves Lands End until it arrives at the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. 

PC Claire Young and PC Chris Martin have both been selected from 664 applicants to help protect it on the 8000 mile route. 

PC Young, 33, has been a serving police officer for 10 years and will be involved in various parts of the relay, including it's arrival in the UK today and as it travels through Stevenage and St Ives. 

Claire who's a keen sprinter and hockey play said: 'No matter what's going on in the world you can bring people together through sport.

'That sums up what the Olympics us all about; it's just a brilliant way of getting people together.

'I wanted to join the torch security team and there are going to be 8000 people carrying the torch each having their own moment, their chance to shine. 

'I wanted to be part of that and part of what the Olympics stands for'.

She along with PC Chris Martin have spent 18 months training for it. 

Chris Martin Torch

PC Martin said: 'Being in the Torch Security Team is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something that will only come around once in my lifetime and I am really proud to be one of the people who has been selected to be part of the team.

'For me I am looking forward to the challenge, which will certainly test endurance and stamina.'