Palace facade needs facelift

8 October 2010, 05:55 | Updated: 8 October 2010, 06:53

The first steps are being taken to raise £120,000 to do-up the front of Watford's Palace Theatre.

Following a 2 year-old shut down in 2002 to rennovate the interior of the 102 year-old building, attention's now turning to the outside.

The building's Grade II listed, and both local companies and the public can help each other, help build enough cash reserves to set the restoration project in motion.

Speaking to heart, Watford Palace Theatre's Development Manager Lynne Misner says "It's part of Watford's heritage - and now we have a wonderful restored interor - we need to bring back the exterior to it's former glory.

We need to repoint all the brickwork, restore the windows and all the signage on the outside - including the beautiful brickwork signage at the top of the building".

Lynne added "We want the building to be restored to it's former prominence in the town".

There's a 4-week window for local businesses to pledge their donations - to reach a total of £5,000. Then from December 6th, the public are being asked to donate £10,000.

When half of that figure's pledged - the corporate pledges can be “unlocked”.

The additional £5,000 from the public will then be matched by "Big Arts Give" - giving a grand total of £20,000 towards the project.

Businesses can make a donation for the next month (until November 5th) here:

(Big Arts Give say that if and when £5,000 is pledged by local businesses by the first stage - no more money can be taken until December, when they can pledge money alongside public donations).

The public can make donations here: