Police With Criminal Convictions

3 January 2012, 17:12 | Updated: 3 January 2012, 18:02

Eleven police officers and PCSO'S in Hertfordshire have a criminal record

One of these, a Hertfordshire Sargent, has been convicted of dangerous driving

Hertfordshire Constabulary have issued Heart with this statement:

"The Sergeant mentioned in today’s Daily Mail article was convicted for dangerous driving almost four years ago after being involved in a collision whilst responding to an emergency call. Following a full investigation the officer was prosecuted and convicted for a dangerous driving offence and was also subjected to disciplinary action. Hertfordshire Constabulary takes robust action when dealing with police officers or staff who break the law, and will always seek to take disciplinary action in addition to the outcome of a conviction.”

The freedom of information request revealed at least 944 police officers and PCSO'S in England and Wales have a criminal record.

Offences committed by police officers and PCSO's in other parts of the county include burglary, causing death by careless driving, robbery supplying drugs, domestic violence, forgery and perverting the cause of justice.

Some of those are highly ranked in the force including 2 detective chief inspectors and one chief inspector for the Metropolitan Police.