Police Not Fighting Helicopter Cuts

27 February 2012, 16:26 | Updated: 27 February 2012, 17:26

Hertfordshire Police Authority have been criticised over plans to close the local police helicopter unit.

The police helicopter currently covering Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire is based at RAF Henlow but under national plans to save money the unit being closed in October.

The new system is still under discussion but its thought once the unit in Henlow closes the closest police helicopter will have to come from London.

A campaign group The Save Herts and Beds Police Helicopter has been set up on Facebook, they think Hertfordshire Police Authority should be fighting against the plans in a way that other affected Police Authorities are.

Anna, who set up the group, thinks the new system will lead to a reduced service and an increase in crime.

"I just don't see how coverage promised in theory by an already over subscribed air support unit can be the equivalent of a dedicated police helicopter based in our county"

Andrew White, the chief executive for Hertfordshire Police Authority says they will not be fighting against the changes because they think the new system, which will offer a 24-hour service, will be an improvement.

"We are not going to lose air support under the new arrangements what we are going to do is move into a different set of arrangement which have the advantage of scale and mean that we can provide similar services at a lower cost"