Quicker Access To Watford's Hospital

2 February 2012, 18:15

Watford General Hospital will soon benefit from a new multi-million pound access road.

£7 million of Government cash is being put forward to fund the new route, which will link the hospital to the B&Q roundabout, making access to the M1 easier and means that traffic can avoid the town centre. 

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust Chief Executive, Jan Filochowski, said: 'This new £7m investment in the road infrastructure is fantastic news for the people of West Hertfordshire, as both emergency and normal access to the hospital site will be dramatically improved. It will also reduce traffic in other key locations in Watford.'

Work is now underway on a detailed designed for the road and getting full planning permission, with work actually expected to start in 2013. 

It's being specially designed to allow an ambulance to pass between stationary traffic.