Site Found For New Harpenden Free School

6 February 2015, 07:09 | Updated: 6 February 2015, 07:13

Parents in Harpenden have been told the people planning a new secondary school for the town now think they have found an ideal site for it.

A preferred site has been identified for a new secondary school in Harpenden, following independent advice from planning experts.

The Harpenden Secondary School Trust (HSET) bid to the government to establish a new secondary school to serve the Harpenden and surrounding communities.

Hertfordshire County Council asked independent town planning consultants, Vincent and Gorbing, to identify a site for a school.  They have concluded that land north of Lower Luton Road (Site F) is preferred.

This will be reported to the council's enterprise, education and skills panel next Friday (13 February), including the next steps in the process.

Chris Hayward, Cabinet member for Enterprise, Education and Skills, said: "We continue to work with HSET to secure as soon as possible an additional secondary school to meet the future needs of children living in Harpenden and surrounding areas.
"We have a duty to ensure that every child in the county who wants one has access to a school place and with the growth in population in the county there is a need for more school places."

He urged parents and carers to continue to support HSET's efforts to establish a new school. "It will give parents more choice and help build upon the excellent reputation that all Hertfordshire's schools have," added Chris.