Some Herts Streets Go Dark Tonight

30 January 2012, 17:23

People in Dacorum will now see a number of their street lights being switched off between midnight and 6am as Hertfordshire County Council try to save £1.3m of their £3.4m street lighting bill... and cut carbon emissions.

Some people say they're worried the switch-off will made the streets more dangerous... but Phil Bibby from Herts Highways Department insists that won't happen: "Talking to police and experiences generally - such fears are unfounded. There's been no increase in crime or accidents in areas where streetlights have been turned off."

Mr Bibby insists the switch-off isn't making night-time streets more dangerous: "We've been monitoring the situation very carefully and we're pleased to report that it has gone smoothly. There are situations where we've got it wrong in certain isolated areas - and those lights have been switched back on"

Streetlights are already being switched off between midnight and 6am in places like Watford, Rickmansworth and Borehamwood. St Albans is set to follow in the spring.