Sports Legacy Zone Opens In Watford

8 April 2012, 06:00

British Olympian Steve Backley has been in Watford to open the new Sports Legacy Zone.

Backley also helped to design the area, which is supposed to combine play, sport and fitness.

He told Heart it is a play area with a twist.

They have included 21st century technology in the design with a smartphone App to explain how to use each piece of equipment.

Meriden Park is now home to the first of 30 Sports Legacy Zones that will open throughout the UK as a legacy to the London Olympics.

its hoped they will help transform struggling areas and communities.

Steve Backley says:

"Meriden Park is a great example of exactly what this sports legacy zone is all about, its about renovating potentially deprived or a piece of land that isn't reaching its full potential and turning it round and making it a focal point within a community"