Students Celebrate in Berkhampstead

25 August 2011, 13:42 | Updated: 25 August 2011, 15:31

Pupils across Hertfordshire have been celebrating today after getting their GCSE results, and across the country, it's another set of record GCSE results, with the overall A star to C pass rate rising for the 23rd year in a row.

The number of students getting at least an A is also up, by 0.6% on 12 months ago.

At Berkhampstead School, it is a "spectacular set of results", according to Principal Mark Steed. 

The headline figure of 67% of grades at A or A* is a sharp increase from 58% last year, as is the statistic of one in three grades achieved at A* (31% compared to 21.9% on results day in 2010).

"We're absolutely thrilled with these results and would like to congratulate our pupils on their superb effort and commitment - the excellent grades are the product of many hours of work on the part of both pupils and teachers at Berkhamsted Girls and Berkhamsted Boys."

Mr Steed believes a range of measures to improve the School's support of each and every child has played a key role in the significant increases in this year's statistics. "We're working at a number of levels; improved target setting and tracking and better communication with parents, including the introduction of an online facility that provides parents with access to their child's timetables, results and reports.

Chris Nicholls head of Berkhamstead Boys school told Heart there is STILL an obvious gap in achievement between boys and girls in 2011, but they are working hard at Berkhamstead:
"Both our boys and girls get equal opportunity in anything and we do our upmost to make sure they get a balanced curriculum and narrow the gap as much as we can."

Heart asked about the issue of more pupils achieveing A or A* grades - and whether that devalues the grade or those reaching that level. Mr Nicholls told Heart: "I said to one boy this morning, these are his results, it's no good looking back at what we did five years ago, I do not believe that is not appropriate.

They are living the here and now, and I will say to them with all honesty, that if you get top grades, you deserve them, you've put the spade work in".