Temporary Plans Wanted For St Albans Pub

9 June 2015, 10:25 | Updated: 9 June 2015, 12:57

St Albans' King Offa pub is set to be redeveloped, but the council wants ideas on what it can be used for before that.

The Council currently leases the pub to a brewery and has plans to buy back the lease to redevelop the site. Affordable housing and community meeting space will be built in place of the pub.

It will be up to two years before any redevelopment takes place and Council wants to ensure that the building remains in use during this interim period.

We want to use the flat above the pub for temporary accommodation for people on the Council's housing register. We are also looking at making the building available to use by either a business or community project on a temporary basis.

Cllr Brian Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Housing at St Albans City and District Council, said: "The Council will have to obtain planning permission to redevelop the pub site into affordable housing and then invite tenders from developers before any construction work begins. We are keen that the building is used while that happens.

"We are looking for people interested in using either the ground floor or the whole building as a pub or for some other purpose on a temporary basis. Local people may want to run a coffee shop, nursery, play group from this building. Proposals need to be compatible with temporarily housing a family from our housing register, or generating enough income to provide a home elsewhere. We are inviting people to submit business cases to estates@stalbans.gov.uk by 5pm on Monday 6 July so that we can consider any proposals in detail."