Texts Aim To Stop Us Binning Good Food

21 May 2011, 07:45 | Updated: 21 May 2011, 07:49

A new way of getting younger people NOT to cut down the amount of food waste, is being tried out in Hertfordshire this weekend.

Three vans are touring the county - sending out free to receive text messages via blue-tooth technology. 
The idea is to get the message of cutting down on food waste to traditionally hard to reach 18-30 year-olds.

Linda Whitehead, WasteAware advisor told heart "Three vans will travel Hertfordfordshire over the next week - targetting those areas where lots of people in that age-range can be found - shopping centres etc."

Linda added "The messages are send out - and anyone in range - and who has their bluetooth switched on - will get the option to open the free advice - and handy tips of what to do at home and at work if there's too much food left - including not buying more food than is needed in the first place. "

Some of the advice will be obvious, like wrapping up food to save it going stale or even things that some people may NOT be aware of, like freezing bread.

45,000 tonnes of mixed green garden and food waste is collected from homes in Broxbourne, Hertsmere, St Albans, Stevenage and Welwyn Hatfield alone each year - across the UK, 8.3 million tonnes.

The Vans will be in the following locations:

Sat 21st May - Hertsmere and St Albans
Sun 22nd May - Watford
Mon 23rd May - Dacorum, Welwyn and Hatfield
Tue 24th May - Hertsmere
Wed 25th May - Watford
Thu 26th May - Dacorum
Fri 27th May - Dacorum and St Albans

To find out more visit www.wasteaware.org.uk/news/slicedbread2011.cfm