Watford Mums Hear Breast Is Best

26 June 2012, 06:00

Mums and mums-to-be can get help and advice on breastfeeding in Watford.

West Hertfordshire NHS are putting on an event called 'Get Off to the Breast Start' where the message will be- Breast is Best.

Breastfeeding specialist Deborah Bass told Heart there is a problem mums keeping up with breastfeeding, she says mums give up after a few weeks when it gets painful. 

She hopes this will soon change in Watford as they make their specialist services known to new mums.

The event they are running is today (Tuesday 26th June) between 10am-3pm at the Westfield Children's Centre, Croxley View, Watford, WD18 6AE.

Deborah will highlight all the benefits breastfeeding can have to new born babies:

"All these allergies that we keep hearing about on the radio, if you breastfeed your baby the risk of your child getting these problems is greatly reduced because we are not giving something artificial to the baby, we are giving something that nature designed, perfect milk for your perfect baby"

Louise is 30 and from Watford- she had a new baby last Monday at Watford General Hospital. 

She told Heart she is breastfeeding but she understands it’s not for everyone:

"I definitely think breast is best but I think if someone can't do it it’s not a problem... I've got some friend who found it really difficult but for me its seems to be working really well at the moment."