Watford Pub Bomb Scare

24 September 2010, 06:10 | Updated: 24 September 2010, 14:42

An investigation’s underway this morning after a suspicious package found in a pub in Watford yesterday evening turned out to be a hoax.

POLICE are reassuring members of the public and sending a strong message to those responsible following the discovery of a suspicious package at The Flag Public House in Station Road in Watford at around 6pm last night (Thursday, September 23).

A number of people were evacuated from the immediate vicinity and a number of road closures put in place. Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal experts were deployed to the scene and carried out a controlled explosion for reasons of safety. Co-operation was secured from the rail network to stop trains passing through nearby Watford Junction station for a period of around 20 minutes to ensure the safety of commuters.

The safety of members of the public was paramount and the area remained cordoned off until the police were satisfied that package did not pose a threat.

DCI Shirley Sargent said: “This was an unbelievably mindless act which caused a huge amount of disruption to residents, people enjoying a night out in the city centre and commuters. The incident was dealt with extremely effectively and I would like to thank everyone for their patience. Initial indications were that the package may pose a threat, thankfully this was not the case. Safety of members of the public was paramount and a large number of 999 responders were sent to the scene. Those responsible have wasted the extremely valuable time of all the services involved and I would like to make it clear that we are committed to tracing those responsible and ensuring they are dealt with in the courts. “Investigations to establish the reason why this suspicious package was left at this location are ongoing but I would like to reassure people that at this stage we believe the intent of leaving the package was to cause disruption rather than harm.”