Watford Toddler Gets Birthday Ride On Bin Lorry

26 March 2015, 06:45 | Updated: 26 March 2015, 06:47

A two year old boy from Watford has had an early birthday present - a ride on the bin lorries in the town!

Aryan Kardani got a special treat for his second birthday when Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill invited him onto on one of Watford Borough Council's bin lorries.

He visited Wiggenhall Depot, where all of the town's refuse and recycling vehicles are kept, on Tuesday ahead of the big day on Friday, when he turns two. It may seem like an unusual treat for such an occasion, but mum Emma said: "His favourite day of the week is Tuesday when the bin trucks come round. He loves watching them and talking to the bin men."

Mayor Thornhill said: "His mum wrote to me to ask me if I could grant him this special treat. Of all the thousands of e-mails I have received, this was a first. I wanted to make his day. His face lit up as he got to climb on-board one of our bin lorries. A lot of people don't realise the amazing and vital work that our refuse collectors do on a daily basis. I'm glad they have earned his respect. We need to follow Aryan's example and respect them ourselves, and pay as much attention to waste collection as he does."

Last year, Watford's bin lorries collected 16,765 of domestic waste, 7,023 of green waste and 7,423 of paper, glass, cans and plastic to recycle.