Watford's Christmas Lights Switch-On

16 November 2011, 08:22 | Updated: 16 November 2011, 08:38

Watford gets into the festive spirit this evening with the Christmas lights switch-on at St Mary's Square.

From 5.30pm the bell ringers of St Mary’s will start the evening’s entertainment. This will be followed by the switching on of the Christmas tree lights by Blag Theatre Company Christmas Revue and carols, choral performances and readings.

It's hoped to attract many people to the nearby high street to give retailers a much-needed boost

Tim Hutchings, the Chief Executive for Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, says over the past few years shops have been hit doubly-hard ''It's not only struggled because the economy's tight but it's also struggled because people have changed the way in which they go shopping, obviously there's much more online shopping and that sort of thing.

''Frankly if people don't use their shops they'll lose them and I think that'll be tragic not just for jobs but for the whole character of some of our towns so get out there this Christmas and shop 'till you drop.''