West Herts Hospital Trust Admit Fault

26 July 2012, 06:00

West Herts Hospital Trust have admitted errors were made by midwifes at Watford General Hospital causing a baby to become brain damaged.

During Lhana Bedoya's birth midwifes failed to monitor her heart rate causing her brain to become starved of oxygen- her parents Fabian and Ursula found out three weeks later that this neglect had led to their baby developing Cerebral Palsy.

Lhana is now nine years old, the family have been fighting a legal battle for most of her life to get the Trust to accept liability.

Lhana is looked after 24 hours a day her father Fabian.

He told Heart that by admitting liability life should improve for the family- Lhana will receive private hospital treatment and there will be a lot more caring assistance available.

He says this will help him to get his life back on track:

"Most of my time is spent with Lhana so therefore the other kids have taken a back burner so hopefully they will now get their dad back in a way"

He told Heart its good news for the family but he says it will never be enough:

"A little girls life has been taken away, she's never going to be normal no matter how much money is given to her to look after her she is never going to be like her sisters of any other kid down this street"

West Herts Hospital Trust have issued Heart with this statement:

“The Trust has accepted liability for Lhana’s injuries and apologised unreservedly. 

"We hope that the financial aspect of the claim can be resolved amicably as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, we have made an interim payment of damages to assist Lhana whilst the claim is ongoing and provide for a better quality of life.”