Yoga Teacher From Herts In The Closing Ceremony

12 August 2012, 08:00

A Yoga teacher from Harpenden will be one of 4,000 people performing tonight in the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics.

The ceremony is titled: A Symphony of British Music.

As well as praising the athletes for their success over the last two weeks, the ceremony will celebrate music which has been one of Britain's strongest cultural exports over the last 50 years.

June Rowlands role in the ceremony is an 'Audience Leader' which means she will be amongst the crowds of spectators getting them involved.June Rowlands Will Be In The Closing Ceremony

However this isn't a once -in-a-lifetime experience for June- she also took part in the Opening Ceremony just over two weeks ago.

She couldn't let us in on too many details as its all top secret but Heart asked her how this performance is different:

"You won't compare it, I think it will be two quite different things... I get the feeling that it may be more of a big concert and music and party"

June says the thing she's most looking forward to is getting back inside the Stadium:

"There is a really electric and magical atmosphere when you are in there, even walking into it empty whiteout the audience, you just know that you are standing in history"

A big part of tonight’s spectacular will be extinguishing the Olympic Torch and passing over the responsibility to Rio who will host the next games in 2016.

The Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics will start at 9pm.