Zinc House In Kings Langley

13 April 2011, 16:08

A house is going to be built near Kings Langley that will be completely black and covered in Zinc.

Melanie Domb and her husband have been given permission to build the home on land they own.

Mrs Domb told Heart they plan to sell the house they live in at the moment:

"We wanted something modern, something interesting. We just didn't want something like the normal run of the mill stuff you see around here. You just don't see anything different. People build copies of old buildings. They don't build anything modern and new."

And she doesn't think it'll stand out as much as more traditional houses:

Zinc House"If you put up a white house, that would really stick out like a sore thumb. But the house is not very, very dark black - it's a kind of dark anthracite colour, which will mellow over time and it will blend in."

Building work's due to start on the house in June.