Car Crashes Into House In Hemel

22 March 2012, 06:00

A family in Hemel Hempstead is waiting to find out if they will need their house rebuilt after a car came crashing through their living room wall.

Its thought a taxi was pulling out of Hill Common onto Barnaces Road at about 8am on Tuesday when it served and hit a parked car.

The car was forced into the house terrifying the Nawaz family inside.

Kamran Nawaz was asleep in the house at the time:

"I just heard a smash, I thought my mum might have dropped something, I came down and saw bricks all over the floor"

The police and fire service were called to the house and have found there to be serious structural damage

The house will need to be assessed further to see if the hole in the front wall can mended or whether it will need to be rebuilt.