Claims Incinerator Will Reduce Carbon Footprint

8 February 2013, 06:00

A government approved report claims the waste incinerator planned for Hatfield will actually be better for the environment.

This is in comparison the counties current waste management system.

The incinerator planned for New Barnfield will burn up to 380,000 tonnes of waste a year

Something that has led to complaints from local anti-incineration groups who say it will pollute Hertfordshire

But data thats been calculate by a government-approved system called WRATE claims the incinerator will reduce:

-       Carbon Dioxide, which causes global warming

-       Sulpher dioxide, which causes acid rain

-       1,4-dichlorobenzene, which pollutes water and is harmful to human health

-       Phosphates, which are harmful to aquatic ecosystems

The campaign group Hatfield Against Incineration has disputed these claims.

Paul Zukowsky, who is a University lecturer in Environmental Science, told Heart they have lawyers looking over the report who have found 'huge holes'.

He says Veolia has based the report on the current model but he fears the model could change.

Hertfordshire County Council support the plans for a waste incinerator in New Barnfield

Derrick Ashley, Cabinet Member for Waste, said:

“The information in the WRATE report clearly shows that Veolia’s proposed facility would reduce the county’s carbon emissions and other pollution caused by landfill. These figures make a strong case for building the plant.”