Food Waste To Be Collected Weekly?

21 February 2012, 14:00

St Albans District Council have bid for Government cash to fund weekly food waste collections.

As part of efforts to increase the amount of household waste that's recycled in the District to 60% by 2015, the local authority want to bring in weekly collections to stop so much going to landfill.

Currently people can put things like vegetable peelings, meat and tea bags into the green waste wheelie bins to be composted, but they are only collected once a fortnight.

Now the council want to make these more regular collections and are asking for a share of a £250 million fund set aside to support it. 

Councillor Daniel Chichester-Miles, believes these collections would help, he said: 'We have recently conducted a composition analysis of household waste sent to landfill in the District and preliminary results show that food accounts for more than 30% of this waste.'

If the bid is successful, then weekly food collections could run for five years.