Keeping crime down 'a challenge'

Hertfordshire's police say keeping crime levels down over the next four years will be 'very challenging' as they have to cut around 500 jobs.

New figures show crime fell 9% in the county in the year to September, with burglary down 12%, vehicle crime down 9%, violent crime down 4% and robbery down by 12%.  Overall the statistics show there were 6,500 fewer victims of crime in the county compared to the previous year.

But Stuart Nagler, chair of Hertfordshire's Police Authority has been telling Heart keeping levels down is likely to get tougher as the government's spending cuts kick in.

"We are being told by the policing minister that falling numbers of people should not mean an increase in crime," he said.  "I'm not sure of that myself.  We haven't been in this situation before.  Since I've been Police Authority chair, we've been able to keep improving our numbers and improving our service."