Public Sector Strike Watford

30 November 2011, 15:18 | Updated: 30 November 2011, 16:05

Dustmen in Watford were stood outside the Wiggenhall Depot from as early as 5am striking over the changes to their pensions. They were amongst two million public sector workers in the UK who didn't turn up to work today.

More than 300 schools in Hertfordshire were either closed or partly closed as teachers joined in the action.

its all about the changes the government have made to public sector pensions, workers will now pay more money in and will have to wait longer to retire.

Clive Brown is a one of the bin collectors striking in Watford, he says:

"I'll be about £70 a month down, I've then got to work an extra 2 years until I'm 67 I just wouldn't be able to afford all them 20 years I've got left to pay. i'm not happy at all."   

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has issued this as part of a statement about teachers pensions:

"Reforms to public sector pensions are essential- the status quo is not an option. the cost to the taxpayer of teachers pensions is already forecast to double from £5 billion in 2006 to £10 billion in 2016 and will carry on rising rapidly as life expectancy continues to improve"

Some other council workers met outside Watford Town Hall with their placards.

Noel Devlin is Hertfordshire's regional organiser for Unison. He told Heart they will strike again if they have to:

"Potentially we will be doing this again until we actually get the government to sit down and with us properly and put some firm proposals to us. Nobody likes doing this but it is something we will have to consider again and we may well have to"