Recession Causes Stray Dogs In Watford

20 October 2011, 06:00

Pets are the latest casualties of the recession as more and more people are loosing jobs and can't afford to look after them.

Dogs Trust have released figures showing abandoned dogs in the UK have reached an 11 year high.  There are now more dogs than ever before who are being taken to shelters, and a major factor is redundancies which have meant families can no longer afford to house and feed them.

Jackie, the Manager of The National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford say "We are getting further cases now where you have people come, and they have to re-home their dog because they've lost their job and they've lost their family.  Whereas only a few years ago they had only lost one of them."

"I think its heartbreaking when a genuinely good owner has to give up their animal. And when they've lost everything, can be absolutely destroying for them.''

Petcare Brand Pedigree are launching an Adoption Drive which seeks to raise awareness and funds for the thousands of strayed and abandoned dogs in the UK, 

Since its launch, The Pedigree Adoption Drive has raised over £1million for rescue centres up and down the country who are working tirelessly to find new and loving homes for abandoned dogs. 

Last year alone, grants of almost a quarter of a million pounds were distributed to 34 rescue homes and went towards funding the vital refurbishment of dilapidated kennel blocks, desperately needed veterinary facilities and the supply of essential surgical equipment.