Road Rage Motorist Banned For 3 Years

4 February 2013, 14:11 | Updated: 4 February 2013, 14:17

A road rage driver from Milton Keynes has been banned from driving for three years after causing havoc on the roads across Hertfordshire on a single day.

Vanslow Lee attacked a push-bike cyclist, reversed into a scooter and crashed into car with a pregnant woman and a young girl inside.

Lee, 29, from Milton Keynes, was jailed for 19 months on Friday for driving in what a judge said was a "highly aggressive and dangerous way" in Chorleywood, Watford and Bricket Wood.

Prosecutor Claudette Elliott told St Albans crown court that Lee was driving his father's car on Rickmansworth Road, Chorleywood when he clipped a push bike, causing the cyclist to swerve.

The rider Lawrence Simm raised his hand to indicate he was ok. He asked Lee, who had stopped and got out, if he was all right. Lee replied: "I will give you 'all right' and hit him with a closed fight, causing 16 stone Mr Simm to fall back.

He had no chance to put his hands up to defend himself and the bike fell on top of him. A member of the public went to help and Lee said: 'Do you want some as well?"

Mr Simm was to tell the police: "It was not the reaction of a normal person. I was not rude. I did not swear." He suffered grazes to his arms and knees.

Lee drove off and at Two Bridges in Croxley Green he caused scooter rider Ellis Vessey to brake hard. They went onto St Albans Road and, as a set of traffic lights turned green, Lee reversed into the scooter. Before driving off he said: "I am going to ******* kill you. I am going to shoot you. I am going to get a gun."

He sped into Bricket Wood and in Smug Oak Lane overtook waiting traffic and crashed into the car being driven by a woman who was 16 weeks pregnant who had her 12 year old daughter with her. They were left in a state of shock, said Ms Elliott.

The police were called and Lee drove onto on the A41 Colne Way. He failed to stop at roundabouts and at three sets of red lights.

Lee of Bridlington Crescent, Milton Keynes pleaded guilty to dangerous driving on the evening of 19 June last year and two charges common assault. He was a banned driver and had no insurance.

Sally Fudge, defending, said: "His behaviour that day was absolutely disgraceful. He is truly sorry." She said he handed himself into the police. He was attending Alcoholics Anonymous and was involved in charitable work.

Jailing him, Judge John Plumstead said: "You had no business to be driving. You are a self indulgent man. I have no idea what was in your head that day. The cyclist had done nothing to provoke you. You used a vehicle as a weapon to reverse into a scooter driver.  The pregnant woman was left shaken and scared and her daughter was terrified.

You drove in an aggressive and highly dangerous way."

He also banned him from driving for 3 years and ordered him to sit an extended driving test before he gets his licence back.