Scissor Attacker Convicted of GBH

6 September 2011, 06:00

A 23 year-old Watford man's been convicted of GBH after repeatedly stabbing his neighbour with a pair of scissors - in a row over music played at a New Year's party.

Nazim Zahir was yesterday convicted of wounding restaurant worker Sarfraz Shah with intent after he suffered at least 10 wounds to the back of his head, his ear, his back and his left arm.

Mr Shah, 37, needed surgery under a general anaesthetic after the attack in St George's Road Watford just after midnight.

The victim told St Albans Crown Court he had gone down to ask Mr Zahir, 23, to turn down the volume of his music as it was past midnight. "I knocked on the door twice and asked very politely. It was not an aggressive reaction. He opened the door and I asked him: 'Do you see the time?'

"He was very aggressive. He said: 'New Year.' I said 'I know this is New Year. This is a residential area. You have to show respect.'  "He replied: 'Don't knock my door. Call the police. Call the council. I don't give a ****' "

He told the jury "My wife came down and pulled me and said 'leave it.' "I turned and he attacked me from behind. He stabbed me and I realised he was holding something.  Suddenly there was a pain behind my ear. After that he was stabbing me very fast - all over my body and head. I tried to hold his hand."

Mrs Shah called the police and Zahir was arrested.

Prosecutor Sally Mealing-McLeod showed the jury a pair of blue handled scissors she said were used in the attack.  She said Zahir was taken to Watford hospital for an injury to his head. He was said to be under the influence of alcohol.

Mr Shah was initially taken to Watford hospital and then transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in London where he was treated for at least 10 wounds.  He was discharged on January 5, but required regular visits back to hospital in January and February.

He was also referred to a neurologist after complaining of numbness on the left side of his face.

Zahir of St George's Road, Watford was cleared of attempted murder but convicted of an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was remanded in custody for reports and will be sentenced at a later date.